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 Happy Birthday!12.08.2010 

As you can see in the last news (yeah, it has been quite some time), Acidcrew had it's 4th birthday six days ago. I (and obviously everyone else) seem to have forgotten it... but better late than never.
You can all write your late happy birthday wishes in the forum.

 Posted by tobsch

 3 years Acidcrew06.08.2009 

Yeah today we became 3 years old!
Have a look in the forum to celebrate with us. :)

 Posted by Bamba

 Update status04.08.2009 

Around two month have passed since the new page is up and as mentioned at the last news entries we are still working on it. So I just thought about giving you a little status report to tell you what happend in the meantime. First of all a lot bugs were fixed especially in the design, it should be working better on high screen resolutions now. Apart from bug fixes we also added and improved a lot a features for example a thumbnail/resize function for image uploads and a upload management panel. But it would be too much to mention all the new stuff in a single posts and most of the changes are internal administration features so you won't notice them anyway.

One other thing might being mentionable is the mobile version of our page. At m.acidcrew.com or mobile.acidcrew.com you can find a alternative design which has been adjusted to easily work on low-resolution devices.

Well so far, the work will go on and new features will be added over time.

For everyone whos interested I tried to put the changes together and made a changelog out of it. Unfortunately I forgot a lot during work so it's not completed at all.

- changelog.txt

 Posted by Bamba

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