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The video stream doesn't work, can you fix it?

To stream the videos you need the Adobe Flashplayer (you can download it here). Additionally, your Javascript must be activated.
If the video stream still does not work, leave a note at the support forum.

What can i do if a download does not work?

If a download link does not work, leftclick the link and choose "save target as". Should the download still not start, report it as a dead link at the support forum.

I cant register.

If you are unable to register to the page, check that your log-in name does not contain any spaces. Our webmaster is trying to fix this problem.

What is U2U?

The U2U function is a personal messenger which can be used to write messages to other users.

The U2U messenger isn't working.

To use the U2U messenger you must be logged in and javascript must be enabled.

I cant login.

Make sure that your cookies are enabled when you try to login.

How can i get a new password?

If you have lost your password you can use the password recovery function to get a new password.
If you want to change your password go to your member profile.

What kind of pictures can i upload?

Well basically you can upload any non copyrighted material and as far as it is related to the THPS community, that means you can upload a picture of your cat if you are going to talk about it on a THPS forum, but you canĀ“t post a picture of your cat if you are going to use it on a cats website.

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