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 Update status04.08.2009 

Around two month have passed since the new page is up and as mentioned at the last news entries we are still working on it. So I just thought about giving you a little status report to tell you what happend in the meantime. First of all a lot bugs were fixed especially in the design, it should be working better on high screen resolutions now. Apart from bug fixes we also added and improved a lot a features for example a thumbnail/resize function for image uploads and a upload management panel. But it would be too much to mention all the new stuff in a single posts and most of the changes are internal administration features so you won't notice them anyway.

One other thing might being mentionable is the mobile version of our page. At m.acidcrew.com or mobile.acidcrew.com you can find a alternative design which has been adjusted to easily work on low-resolution devices.

Well so far, the work will go on and new features will be added over time.

For everyone whos interested I tried to put the changes together and made a changelog out of it. Unfortunately I forgot a lot during work so it's not completed at all.

- changelog.txt

 Posted by Bamba

 Update the 2nd05.06.2009 

Just some additional information about the page update. The page isn't 100% finished yet so some stuff might be incomplete or not working perfectly. The missing stuff will be added in the next days.
As some of you probably already know we got a second domain (acidcrew.com) with the page update I set the .de domain as a redirect to acidcrew.com so you still can use the .de domain if you want.

For more informations read the previous news entry.

 Posted by Bamba

 A major update04.06.2009 

Well, it has been a long time since the last update of our homepage took place. So prepare to read a really long news article.
The first thing you will notice about the page is that the design has been changed significantly to the better. But not only the exterior is better now. Bamba has rewritten the complete coding of the whole page. The site is still in a kind of beta phase, though. Bugs can appear here and there and we want you to report any bugs you notice in our forum.
Speaking of the forum: It has now been integratet into the page. You can log-in on the main page with your forum account and can view your U2U messages and edit your profile when logged in. With this log-in feature, the administration of the site has been made way easier. This means that news articles will be posted more frequently than before.
As you can see in the main navigation of the page, other new contents and features have been added, too: You can find infos on the THPS games in the "THPS" section, look up your problem in the FAQ and have a look at other thps-related sites in our links section (you can, of course, ask us to add your site to this link collection).
Also new is our little uploading service where you can upload your screenshots or other pics, savegames and parks. But remember that this feature is still in testing and might cause problems.
New features and contents are going to be added over the time and occuring issues are going to be fixed. So now enjoy the new homepage of the Acidcrew.

 Posted by tobsch

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