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 Game info - Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Publisher:Activision, Crave Entertainment (Dreamcast), Nokia (N-Gage)
Developer:Neversoft (PS), Edge of Reality (N64), Treyarch (Dreamcast), Natsume (Game Boy Color), Activision (N-Gage)
Platforms:PS, N64, Dreamcast, Game Boy Color, N-Gage
Genre:Extreme sports
Modes:Single player, Multiplayer
Ratings:ESRB: E (N64), ESRB: T (PS)
Release:29.09.1999 (PS), 15.03.2000 (N64), 11.05.2000 (Game Boy Color), 24.05.2000 (Dreamcast)

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The counting game :P
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19.01.2017 14:52
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05.03.2016 21:18
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23.07.2015 21:52
hey <3
By: stofman
06.02.2014 10:21
2,2bil. Casino
By: stofman
24.04.2013 19:38

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